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Why use our Static Transfer Switches?

Solid state
Solid performance

Our range of static transfer switches are engineered around solid state power electronics components, unlike the outdated relay type systems our competitors use.

More than a Switch

Our static transfer switch products run through advanced fault detection algorithms and refer back to user settings before making an informed decision to transfer. The intelligent software loaded in our static transfer switch products ensures this transfer is initiated only when it is needed and only when there can be no damage to your critical load or supplies.

Simplicity is the Key

Featuring a back-lit graphic LCD display the control panel uses a clean, easy to operate user interface to provide clear status identification. View variables, real-time event list and set operating and detection levels.

Maximum Reliability

Our philosophy centres around high reliability, low maintenance, robust design with redundant detection circuitry. Digital Signal Processing and high speed digital sampling enables reliable, stable, and predictable operation.

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